oppai-or-die asked:

How do you do your glitches? I love them!


I do them in photoshop. They are not actual glitches made with code, they are purely artificial. I usually draw something and then i chop it up with the selection tool. I then utilize layers, color curves and various built in photoshop effects. So the way i make my glitches is nothing fancy really. But i prefer making them by hand rather than with code. Doing actual glitches is so randomized and becomes soulless as a result. When i draw them myself they are predictable and i can control them to suit my artistic vision. God that sounds pretentious as fuck, but yeah, that’s what i do and why i do it.


Audio sample from dis by hecq

I am tired


Original image from steins;gate. edit and glitches by me.

Oppidan is another favorite album of mine. It has an awesome cyberpunk vibe, and rightfully so, because Access to arasaka takes his name from the rpg cyberpunk 2020. Slow and menacing glitchy beats, futuristic synth pads and an incredible sense of space and detail. I love to listen to this album while taking a walk through a crowded place in the city at night for the best sense of immersion. Favorite tracks are: Nypox, Caeropore and first kill.

Deus ex machina